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"Could Practical Measures Reduce Adoption Delays?" - interview with Arlene Small

This article was originally published on the Current Awareness service on LexisLibrary on 13/10/11.

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Age Discrimination Article by Barry Havenhand

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Alex Fletcher on Networking - Chapter 5

Published 15th January 2016

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Ancillary Relief - Roderick Moore - May 2015

Ancillary Relief/Financial Remedy Update By Roderick Moore, Counsel.

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APIL Brain Injury Lecture 2006 - Robin de Wilde QC

Lecture notes by Robin de Wilde QC following the APIL November 2006 conference. Contact Robin de Wilde QC on 0845 083 3000 if you would like to discuss any aspect of these notes or any potential new Brain Injury case. (

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Article by Nicholas Preston

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CFA & BTE Insurance Update - Feb 05 by Deborah Tompkinson

While members of the public continue to be blissfully unaware of the increasing prevalence of Before the Event insurance (“BTE”) in policies that they have taken out for other purposes, such as motor or household insurance, lawyers are expected to be alert to BTE– and the penalty for overlooking it can be heavy, as the recent case of Maurizio Samonini v London General Transport Services Ltd [2005] 19 January 2005 demonstrates. By Deborah Tompkinson

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Commercial Update - July 2016

Commercial update on Agency Law by James Rudall

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Comparable Hire Article by Ian Simpson

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Constructive Trusts operating in Personal and Commercial Disputes

Article by James Rudall - November 2014.

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Court Dress - Notes by Robin de Wilde Q.C.

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Disclosure in Ancillary Relief Proceedings

Article by Roderick Moore, April 2016

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Employment Law Update - June 2015

By Roderick Moore

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European Law Update by Peter Harris

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Family Law Brief - from Arlene Small

June 2014

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Fixed Costs Can Apply to RTA Multi-Track Cases

by Nigel Ffitch

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Gifts, Maintenance & Wills - Protected Parties

Background, Overview and Case Law in relation to Gifts, Maintenance & Will in relation to Protected parties. Notes of talk given by James Rudall at the Frenkel Topping Deputy Day, Cardiff, 4th November 2014.

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Gohil and Sharland Supreme Court

Overview by Roderick Moore, Barrister at Clerksroom.

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Hospital Deaths Brief (Sep 06) by Dr Michael Powers Q.C.

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Important costs cases on provisional assessment and CPR r.47.15(7).

2 new cases explained by Andrea Barnes, Head of Costs at Clerksroom Barristers. Published 15th March 2016.

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Infant Settlement Hearings

Counsel's expectations by Sue Pawar-Price, Barrister at Clerksroom. Published 15th March 2016.

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Modern Law - 2014

Article by Stephen Ward re "The Business of Law" published in Modern Law, October 2014, issue 14.

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Networking for all

By Alex Fletcher

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Networking for All

By Alex Fletcher

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Networking for all - Chapter 4

By Alex Fletcher, Barrister at Clerksroom.

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New Law Journal - 28th November 2014

Article by Stephen Ward

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Ogden Tables - 6th Edition

Available to download from the GAD Website - copied here for our clients convenience. 3rd May 2007 - The 6th edition of the Ogden Tables was published today by TSO (ISBN 978 0 11 560125 5, price Β£18).

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Ogden Tables - Press Release

GAD News Release dated 3rd May 2007.

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Personal Injury - James Osborne

A Nearby Defect Ought to Have Triggered a Thorough Investigation of the Area of the Highway, That Would Have Identified the Index Defect (Under a Parked Car) - James Osborne, Clerksroom

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PI Law Journal Article

RTA update by Andrew McKie October 2015

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Property Update - December 2015

Moorjani v Durban Estates (2015) EWCA Civ 1252 WLR (D) 509 overview by George Patros, Barrister at Clerksroom.

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Property Update - November 2015

By George Patros, Barrister

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Property Update - October 2015

Make sure your Section 21 notices are correct ! By George Patros, Property Barrister

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Relief from sanctions - CPR 3.9 - Nigel ffitch

Relief from sanctions - The new overriding objective and CPR 3.9 in action by Nigel ffitch

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Relief from Sanctions - Nick Wright

by Nick Wright December 2013

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Solicitors - Increase income without costs

By Greg Walsh, Barrister and ex in-house Counsel

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme - Briefing Note - 6th April 2007

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme is due to come into force on 6 April 2007-(ss.212-216 Housing Act 2004/ SI 2007/305). From 6 April 2007 all deposits taken by landlords for Assured Shorthold Tenancies (AST) in England and Wales must be protected by a tenancy deposit protection scheme. Click here to read more.

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The Deregulation Act of 2015

and its impact on tenant's deposits schemes and possession proceedings. Article by George Patros, June 2015.

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The Proposed French Levy on Trustees under Article 990J CGI

Produced by Peter Harris (Associate Member) from Jersey.

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The Times, 9th January 2007

Barristers Clerk, Master or Servant Article in The Times 9th January 2007.

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Virtual Chambers – is this the model of the future? Part 1 – Clerksroom

June 2007. Virtual Chambers – is this the model of the future? Part 1 – Clerksroom

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Wills & Probate - Recent developments in Succession

By James Rudall, Barrister at Clerksroom. Published 15th February 2016.

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