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Mediator Guidance

I have now completed my training as a mediator. What now?
Like any training course, successful completion and accreditation is the first step to a new career and the business of personal practice development starts now.
The Civil Mediation Council currently require newly qualified mediators to undertake 3  observations.  Observations are not normally offered as part of the training course so many trainees struggle to find willing mediators to observe which does cause frustration.
Clerksroom Mediation is not a training provider. We recommend the London School of Mediation.
Clerksroom Mediation is a mediation administration company. We provide administration services for parties wishing to engage a mediator and we deal with all of the logistics and arrangements from initial enquiry to completion. We act as agents for the mediator once the parties have agreed the nomination of a mediator. We do not charge mediators any fees.
Clerksroom Mediation now offers a free observation allocation service to mediators who have trained with any organisation. In order to try to help newly qualified mediators and ensure that the free service offered is viable with limited resources, we automate the system as much as possible. We are unable to enter into discussions over the telephone or deal with individual queries about observations. We do our very best to help trainees but we make no guarantees. Please bear in mind this a free service that was established to help resolve what is a common problem for mediators.
Marketing & Practice Development:
Once you have completed your training, observed 3 mediators, taken out insurance and made your commitment to the EU code of conduct, you can commence practice as a mediator.
Clerksroom offer a free service to allow you to promote your personal profile using the National Mediator Database The database and website are automated and allow you to create a new account, add your profile, insurance, training certificate, manage your CPD records for the subsequent years, obtain feedback from your clients, manage your history and mediation success rates in addition to various other features. Our automated status system will allocate you junior mediator status if you have undertaken up to 25 mediations; senior mediator status when you have completed 25-50 mediations and finally, Elite Mediator status when you have completed 50+ mediations and have positive feedback recorded from satisfied clients.
Starting out as a mediator is tough as most parties use a mediator they have used before or have had recommended to them. This makes it very difficult to get your first few mediations under way. Our advice is to market yourself as widely as you can, refer as many of your firm's clients to the profile and invite them to ask for you if your profile is appropriate.
Clerksroom will organise a mediator using the mediator requested and then make a charge to the parties for the administration of the mediation. We do not charge mediators membership fees, annual fees, marketing fees or commission. For mediators our service is completely free.
Marketing and promotion of your new qualification must be the responsibility of the trainee. Clerksroom are happy to offer advice and guidance whenever practical but Clerksroom is an administration service, providing administrative support for parties wishing to appoint a mediator.
It is important to understand that Clerksroom is not a provider of work, it is an administrative service that we encourage you to refer clients to and make use of.
Mediation Clerks for mediation administration enquiries: